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Vacuum pouches are a type of packaging that empty the pouch of air before sealing it. By doing this, a vacuum is created that keeps the food within fresh and of high quality. Vacuum pouches are frequently used to package foods including cheese, veggies, meat and seafood. They can also be utilised to package non-food products like electronics and medical supplies.

An airless space is created by a vacuum pouch in order to keep food from rotting or other microbes from growing inside of it. Additionally, it effectively reduces the chance of bacterial or fungal development to the barest minimum—something that is unachievable in a non-vacuum pouch—by eliminating the impact of the environment on the food goods. When being packed, hoover pouches help other volatile ingredients evaporate.

Materials used to make Vacuum Pouch are:

Plastic: Due to its light weight, durability, and ease of shaping into various shapes, plastic is the most popular material used for vacuum pouches. Vacuum pouches are frequently made of plastics like polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Foil: A thin covering of metal called foil is frequently used with plastic to produce vacuum pouches with better barrier qualities. Foil can aid in preventing light, oxygen, and moisture from entering the pouch, hence increasing the product’s shelf life.

Paper: Paper can be used to make vacuum pouches, but it should be noted that it is less resilient than plastic and is more vulnerable to oxygen and moisture. Therefore, extra barrier layers may be needed to protect the product in paper vacuum pouches.

Benefits of Vaccum Pouch

  • Excellent machine handling to prevent the curling of vacuum pouches
  • Has incredibly strong gas and moisture barriers.
  • Without the use of preservatives, protective gas keeps the goods fresh.
  • high-cost effectiveness and excellent mechanical qualities at low thickness
  • Wide variety of oxygen transfer rates, for extended self-life, and unique design for each purpose. Excellent puncture and tearing resistance.
  • Excessive packaging to safeguard against handling for cleanliness during transportation and presentation
  • Possesses excellent transparency, seal characteristics, and hot tack.
  • Excellent power to retain aroma

Applications ( Industries )

  • Welding rod
  • Animal food
  • Medical devices
  • pharmaceutical
  • Electronic components,
  • Compound
  • Special powder
  • Old and useful documents packing for long storage
  • hygroscopic chemical packing.
  • Meat

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