Colorflex is one of the leading producers and providers of a broad selection of premium flat pouches, rollstock films, stand-up pouches, and flexible packaging solutions. We provide our flexible packaging solutions to both the food and non-food sectors of the economy.

Based on the high quality of our packaging, we are now a favoured provider of packaging solutions for international companies. We have defined the packaging industry’s boundaries in India and abroad over the past three decades, earning us an unblemished reputation. As one of the top names in the packaging solutions industry, we support our clients by providing top-notch packaging option. We are known as a leading player among Indian flexible packaging firms because of our quality-focused approach. By placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality innovation, building trust with customers, and creating value since our founding , we have grown into a multi-billion dollar business.

Along with making pouches and bags to suit every volume and viscosity of contents for all of our clients, we also offer packaging advice to help you choose the option that will work best for your product and produce the greatest results. For almost every industry, we offer wrapping solutions. We create and supply packaging solutions that will unquestionably satisfy our clients’ needs for the packaging of their products from the very beginning of idea development through final production.

To be a prominent participant in the global packaging business with innovation and quality while consistently developing and producing value-added packaging products to serve consumers across the world.

To be aware of all of our customers' demands and to provide cutting-edge, eco-friendly packaging options that will benefit our clients, our staff, and society at large.

3 Side Seal Pouch

Our Clients

Over a thousand businesses from various nations and industrial sectors rely on us for labels and flexible packaging!

Infrastructure & Technology

Infrastructure and technology, in Kaylor’s opinion, are absolute necessities for meeting the high standards of quality that satisfy client expectations.

Center Seal Machine

For its great speed (up to 230 strokes per minute), centre seal machines are remarkable and unique. They have the ability to form, seal, and feed continuously. It  offers preformed pouches with correct dimensions

Solventless pouch Machine

The lamination of roll film materials like BOPP, PET, nylon, CPP, CPE, aluminium foil, and paper, among others, can be done on this fast solventless laminating machine in double- or multiple-layer configurations.

Stand Up Pouch Machine

This Machine produces shaped pouches, stand-up, reusable, and automatic high speed three side seal zippers. It moves about 35 metres per minute in a straight line.

Side Gusset Pouch Machine

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Rotogravure Machine

We have ensured that as technology advances, we keep pace with the leaders in the field. We at Kaylor have a top-notch rotogravure equipment for the best printing quality and fantastic output, and we are constantly keeping up with the times.

The Electronic Line Shaft Technology is at the forefront of the next generation of Rotogravure Presses (ELS)

Why Choose us


Quick turnaround and responsive service


Best in class print quality and quality control providing the highest flexible packaging


world's most modern infrastructure and technology

Certified Excellence in Flexible Packaging

What our customers are saying

Customer reviews

The entire  process was quite fruitful. Colorflex was incredibly helpful and understanding from the initial questionnaire to the finished result. The procedure is excellent.We value their opinions and their time very greatly. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

Amul Client

It has been a genuine pleasure working with Colorflex. The company  has an exceptional attention to detail and is super professional. The finished product met our expectations, and it was delivered on schedule. We look forward working with them once more in the near future!

Gone Mad Client

For a long time, Colorflex has been our supplier for flexible packaging. Colorflex has been helpful to our company and plays a crucial role in our supply chain. Colorflex is the only flexible packaging company that provides excellent bespoke service to ensure that solutions are discovered.

ID Fresh Food Client

Colorflex is the only flexible packaging company that clearly realised how crucial it was for us to reach our clients as soon as possible with this new product we launched and supported us to meet the requirement on time by fulfilling our packaging needs, which we truly appreciated.

Bayars Coffee Client

The service provided by Colorflex was excellent, and they went above and beyond to shorten the time to market.They have extremely top-notch quality and are highly professional. We have been pleased with their service and intend to continue working with them.

Nandini Client

Colorflex are consistently amiable and simple to work with. When there is an issue they respond right away and take care of it fast.Their readiness to find new materials for us is a huge advantage. They also have access to the most latest packaging options and technology

GM Client

When a need arises, Colorflex has always risen to the occasion to satisfy our needs with promptness and exceptional support! Our expectations are routinely exceeded by Colorflex, and we anticipate a long and fruitful partnership with Colorflex.

Jk Fenner Client

The company has consistently impressed us with their dedication to high quality and distinctive designs throughout many years of our partnership. We constantly seek out fresh layouts and forms for the packaging of our products, and Colorflex never falls short of our requirements.

Coromandel Client

We always select Colorflex for our packaging needs because of their exceptional service and cost. Their team is incredibly accommodating and simple to work with. For a hassle-free and quality packaging experience, we heartily endorse Colorflex.

Tagz Client

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